The Sufferings of Software and Business Intelligence


Are you one of those people that can do your job efficiently with the software your company has?  Are there no extra steps in your day-to-day process because of how wonderful your software programs work together?  When you need information, can you just get it with a click of a button – in the format you want?

I bet many of you answered “no” to most, if not all, of those questions. Don’t worry because you are not alone. More often than not, we find our customer’s own internal software solutions are not being fully utilized. Employees are taking extra steps to perform their job duties because of disparate systems. Companies are collecting a lot of data, but have no way of retrieving it or it’s not in the format they need. As a result, productivity and profitability suffer.

If these pain points sound familiar, we would like to help. We have helped customers consolidate systems and streamline processes by working with them on their own software systems!  Many companies don’t have the time or resources to dive into the full functionality of a software product. New features are not realized and very often the business processes suffer.  Our consultants have the training and expertise to help from a technical standpoint.

Furthermore, we can help turn that “data” into real “information.” Information to help you make better business decisions. We’ve seen a lot of data in excel spreadsheets because employees are unable to get usable reports from their current software.  Duplicate data is prone to errors and it’s not real time!

With the elimination of multiple tedious manual steps and access to real information, management can focus on what they do best – providing value, guidance, and direction to your business.  Let us help fill those gaps. Give us a call today for more information, 315-338-0388!

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