Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

Actively defend against cyber threats with M.A. Polce’s 24×7 managed detection and response service.

Defend Against Cyberattacks 24x7 with Managed Detection & Response Services

Faster than any other solution on the market, our MDR technology harnesses metadata around suspicious events, hacker tradecraft, and remote privileged activity to catch what others miss and take real action before cyber threats can spread.

A laptop displaying the network visualization map of M.A. Polce's managed detection and response service dashboard

Combine Next-Gen Technology and Human Expertise with MDR

Rapid detection and response are critical to avoiding operational downtime, revenue loss, and damage to your business reputation. Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service monitors your network and devices 24x7x365, with a focus on catching breaches and responding to contain them within minutes. 

Threat Monitoring

Have our security analysts watch your network around-the-clock, ready to respond 24x7.

Advanced Detection

Rely on a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and experienced analysts to detect and analyze existing and new threats.

Rapid SOC Mitigation

Our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) quarantines threats in minutes. Faster response minimizes damages and costs, safeguarding data, and business continuity.

Expert Security Guidance

Have our experienced security analysts be an extension of your team, always there for you when you have questions and concerns.

Detailed Reports

Receive monthly reports that give you visibility into your attack history, address areas of concern, and contain other useful insights.

Dashboard Visibility

View your entire network, active threats, and prioritized alerts in one intuitive dashboard.

A laptop displaying M.A. Polce's managed detection and response service privileged activity dashboard.

How Our Managed Detection and Response Service Benefits Your Business

Customize Your MDR Solution with Additional Security Services

Our MDR technology is the basis for active cyber threat defense. For businesses looking for more than MDR, we offer a variety of additional security services to build out a custom program tailored to your needs.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Email Security

Multifactor Authentication

DNS Security

Syslog & Device Event Logging

365 Defense

File Integrity Monitoring

How We Fight Cyber Threats for You With MDR

Rely on M.A. Polce’s MDR service for effective, high-performance, and robust cybersecurity that protects your organization against today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

Patented Real-Time Threat Detection

Through a proprietary security operations and incident response platform, our world-class SOC hunts for active threats in your environment and neutralizes them in their earliest stages. The technology is built from the ground up, giving our analysts the ability to continuously monitor and respond to the modern threat landscape.

24/7 Incident Monitoring & Response

Established by former US government cybersecurity operators, M.A. Polce’s SOC leverages its deep knowledge of hacker tradecraft and real-world cyber experience to provide 24/7, unified detection and response services. Our fully managed SOC team monitors your unique environment around the clock so you can focus on running your business.

Same-Day Agent Deployment

Our cybersecurity ecosystem completes the hard work for you. While other services take days and weeks to tune events, we offer same-day agent deployment and start protecting your diverse environments within minutes. Trust M.A. Polce to provide a streamlined onboarding experience so you can get coverage without compromising your efficiency.

MDR vs The Hacker Timeline

When an attack occurs, detection and response times determine whether attackers succeed in their efforts. M.A. Polce’s MDR fights threats back within minutes and closes the gap between the identification of an event and the actual response and remediation. We immediately isolate endpoints and stop the threat from moving laterally into other systems.

Upgrade Your MDR Solution

With unparalleled visibility into hacker tradecraft, lateral spread, and remote privileged activity, our MDR service can stop advanced attacks immediately. For an even more comprehensive cybersecurity approach, you have the ability to upgrade your MDR service with the options below.

MDR Logic

Leave complicated installs and agent rollouts in the past. Quickly configure log settings, generate compliance reporting, and automatically map against hundreds of compliance requirements all at once with push-button setup.

MDR Cloud Response

Cloud infrastructures actively secured. Extend the power of MDR and bring 24/7 expert security monitoring and a unified response to your cloud workflows. Trust leading edge cybersecurity to actively defend your cloud.

Build Organizational Resilience with MDR

Managed detection and response (MDR) services help businesses build cyber resilience by providing advanced threat detection technologies, 24/7 monitoring, and incident response capabilities. Download our eBook to learn about the other ways you can foster resilience at your organization.

Why M.A. Polce for Managed Detection and Response Services?

Our managed detection and response solution enables you to take a proactive, offensive approach to stay ahead of cybercriminals by adding continuous monitoring, real-time threat detection, and active response int your security arsenal.

An icon depicting two pieces of paper adorned with a circled checkmark and a stamp indicating M.A. Polce's status as a SOC 2 compliant provider. The icon is contained within a green to yellow circle.

M.A. Polce is a Service Organization with SOC 2 Type II certification, adhering to the highest standards of data privacy and security.

An icon depicting two hands clasped together with three motion lines above the hands demonstrating movement. The icon is contained within a green to yellow circle. It represents the benefit of partnering with a private company like M.A. Polce for cyber risk management and compliance services.

Dedicated Security Team

Our services are backed by CISM and CISSP-certified cybersecurity professionals. Partnering with M.A. Polce for MDR grants your business access to a dedicated team of security experts without having to hire.

An icon depicting a bar graph with three rectangle bars increasing in size. The three bars are topped with a single arrow pointing upwards to show a growth trend. The icon is contained within a green to yellow circle. It represents how M.A. Polce can help clients scale their business with its advanced cyber risk management and compliance tools.

Advanced Tools​

Unlike traditional EDR-based tools, our MDR solution employs nation-state-grade technology, detecting advanced threats and lateral spread activities, filling the gaps where other solutions fall short.

Client Feedback

“If you’re in the market for a professional, knowledgeable, and dependable Managed Service Provider, then look no further than M.A. Polce.” – Scott L. 

“We have been working with M.A. Polce for the past two years on a tiered approach evaluating our systems, they are very attentive, have a great attention to detail, and have a very professional team. I would encourage any organization to partner with M.A. Polce.” – Jason C.

“We appreciate the partnership that M.A. Polce has brought to our managed IT services. They provide excellent support but also serve as a resource for us to discuss our IT environment and develop plans for improvement, change, and growth.” – Rachel S.

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