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Protect Your Organization with Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

M.A. Polce is a managed security service provider (MSSP) that offers advanced cybersecurity solutions for private and public sector organizations. We’ll protect your data, networks, and operations by providing end-to-end cyber coverage. Feel confident knowing you’re in the hands of certified experts who use proactive tools to maximize your security.

A Managed Security Service Provider You can Rely on to Fight Cybercrime
Clients rely on M.A. Polce to manage and maintain their cybersecurity program so they are prepared to fight off cyber attacks and data breaches. Our cybersecurity analysts continuously identify and address security gaps in your network to minimize your overall attack surface and mitigate risks.
The Best Network Security for Our Clients
To deliver the best network security to our clients, our information security experts meet and exceed industry competencies and standards through rigorous, in-depth technical training programs. You can relax knowing that your network is managed by personnel with the proper knowledge and service capabilities to defend your organization.
You Deserve Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services
Cyber threats are more complex and widespread than ever before, so it is vital to have a comprehensive cybersecurity program in place. Learn about how we can start securing your organization today.
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Key Benefits: Cybersecurity Services

We are a trusted network security company that offers a full suite of cybersecurity services. From foundational security to comprehensive protection measures, we strategically defend your network investments, satisfy compliance regulations, and help you develop a robust cybersecurity program. Some of the benefits you receive when choosing M.A. Polce as your managed security service provider include:

NIST CSF Alignment

Our services are driven by the National Institute for Standards & Technology Cybersecurity Framework.

Dedicated Partner

Security requires a trusted partner to serve as an extension of your team to provide expert insights and keep you safe.

Proactive Security

We'll secure your environment with next-generation technology that proactively monitors threats.

Solution Confidence

With a dedicated cybersecurity practice and expert security analysts, we'll build and support a top-notch security solution.

Ransomware keeping you up at night?

Rest assured, we’re up too… monitoring your network. Our managed cybersecurity services help you sleep well by addressing the looming cyber threats that can result in:

Employee and customer data loss

A halt in business operations (and revenue)

Costly recovery efforts

Negative impacts to insurance and reputation

Managed Cybersecurity Services

As a managed security service provider (MSSP), we believe that cybersecurity is about people, processes, and technology. At the core of our practice, we have certified security professionals, 24x7x365 managed detection and response, and advanced tools all working together to keep you safe. 

Essentials Tier

The Essentials Tier of our managed cybersecurity services provide two of the most critical safeguards that all organizations should have in place: Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and Managed Detection and Response (MDR).  Together, EDR and MDR can help stop ransomware within minutes by leveraging advanced technologies and a 24×7 security operations center (SOC). Around-the-clock incident response is also included in the event you are ever hit with an attack.

MDR – A 24x7x365 cybersecurity service that combines technology and human expertise in a security operations center (SOC) to rapidly detect, analyze, and respond to threats and limit their impact without the need for additional staffing.

EDR – An integrated endpoint security solution that combines real-time continuous monitoring and collection of endpoint data with rules-based automated response and analysis capabilities.

SLA-Backed Incident Response – Our service level agreement outlines event criticality and response time so you have peace of mind knowing support is readily available when you need it. 24x7x365 support for cyber incidents is vital to protecting your organization from the impacts of a malicious attack.

Monthly Reporting and Consultation – Get insightful metrics about the threat attempts against your networks so you can maximize your defenses. Our security analysts provide consultation to help interpret trends and fine-tune the overall security deployment.

Organizations are faced with cyber threats every day. Without proper protections in place, the effects of cyberattacks can be devastating. Our Essentials Tier is ideal for organizations that are looking to build a foundation for a strong security posture. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your network is being monitored 24x7x365 by a team of security analysts in a dedicated security operations center (SOC).

Comprehensive Tier

Our Comprehensive Tier expands on the Essentials Tier with cybersecurity measures designed to protect all assets within the IT environment. Beyond preparing organizations to detect and respond to cyber incidents, comprehensive services incorporate various proactive measures and tools to significantly reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring. This tier is an excellent fit for organizations looking for a robust cybersecurity program that is fully managed around the clock by a team of dedicated security experts.

Email Security – Analyzes email communications to prevent unauthorized access, malicious payloads, phishing, and more.  Email security is essential given that email remains the number one threat vector. 

DNS-Layer Security – Domain Name System (DNS) stops attacks that are riding on otherwise legitimate user requests for your servers, services, and websites.  They provide category-based website blocking and other important security functions.

Security Awareness Training – A strategy to prevent and mitigate user risk and ultimately outside threats. Our programs are designed to help your employees understand how to detect and discard malicious attempts that could lead to security breaches.

MFA – A multistep authentication method by which your users must successfully present two or more credentials to verify their identity and gain access to websites or applications.

Vulnerability Scanning – A high-level automated test that searches for known vulnerabilities within your networks so they can be identified and fixed.

Advanced security tools and services are pivotal to defend against cybercrime and reduce the severity of an attack. Our Comprehensive Tier offers the full array of defenses so your organization can combat sophisticated security events. It protects your employees, infrastructure, and data, and provides peace of mind knowing you have the latest technologies keeping your organization safe.

Cybersecurity Assessment and Compliance Solutions

Understand where your organization might be vulnerable to a cyberattack so you can identify and patch network weak spots before cybercriminals exploit them. We’ll deliver recommendations tailored to your unique environment so you can form a robust defense strategy to proactively guard against cyberattacks.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

MDR is a next-generation, managed security service with a focus on real-time threat hunting, detection, and response.

You’ll get 24x7x365 monitoring of your networks and devices, with a focus on catching breaches and rapidly responding to contain them. We combine network visualization, insider threat monitoring, anti-malware, traffic analysis, and endpoint security all in one service.

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Other Cybersecurity Services

Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training is Vitally Important

Through social engineering campaigns and online training exercises, we can deploy a program that makes your employees your greatest asset in stopping cyber threats.
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Incident Response

We're Ready to Respond 24x7 if a Cyber Attack Strikes

Receive prioritized access to our experienced team through an SLA-backed retainer and have peace of mind knowing you’ve got a partner that's ready when needed.
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Questions? This Might Help:

Simply put, we’ve had a security practice for over 20 years and a dedicated staff of certified professionals managing it. Security is at the center of everything we do. We are SOC 2 compliant and follow strict standards for all of our business operations. From assessments to 24x7x365 MDR, we can fully manage or complement your IT operations to maximize your security posture.

A managed security service provider (MSSP) is an outsourced, all-in-one security solution that monitors and manages a business’s security systems. Many organizations partner with an MSSP, often in addition to their existing security program, to protect their network and data from looming cyber attacks.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is the latest industry term that describes what used to be called antivirus. EDR is installed on endpoint devices and attempts to identify known signatures and erratic behaviors that might be indicative of malicious code.  Managed detection and response (MDR) is a managed service whereby security analysts in a security operations center (SOC) are actively monitoring, hunting, detecting, and quarantining malicious activity. As such, EDR is more tool-based, whereas MDR is more tool and people based.  Both EDR and MDR are essential, and they work nicely together, especially when the telemetry from the EDR agent can be ingested into the MDR process.

We do it and do it well. Please visit our Assessment & Compliance page to learn more about all of these services.  

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