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Managed Cybersecurity Services in New York for Cyber Protection

As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), M.A. Polce delivers industry-leading cybersecurity services in New York State. Our advanced network security solutions support commercial businesses and public sector organizations throughout the state. We’ll protect your data, networks, and operations by providing end-to-end cyber coverage.

A Managed Security Service Provider You can Rely on to Fight Cybercrime
Clients rely on M.A. Polce to manage and maintain their cybersecurity program so they are prepared to fight off cyber attacks and data breaches. Our cybersecurity analysts continuously identify and address security gaps in your network to minimize your overall attack surface and mitigate risks.
The Best Network Security for Small and Medium Sized Businesses in NY
To deliver the best network security services in New York, our information security experts meet and exceed industry competencies and standards through rigorous, in-depth technical training programs. You can relax knowing that your cybersecurity is managed by personnel with the proper knowledge and service capabilities to defend your organization.
You Deserve Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services
Cyber threats are more complex and widespread than ever before, so it is vital to have a comprehensive cybersecurity program in place. Learn about our customizable cybersecurity services to start securing your New York organization today.
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Managed Cybersecurity Services in New York: Key Benefits

From foundational security to comprehensive cyber protection, we strategically defend your network investments, satisfy compliance regulations, and help you develop a robust cybersecurity program. Some of the benefits you receive when choosing M.A. Polce for managed network security services include:

NIST CSF Alignment

The National Institute for Standards & Technology Cybersecurity Framework drives our services.

Dedicated IT Partner

Security requires a trusted partner to serve as an extension of your team to provide expert insights and keep you safe.

Proactive Cybersecurity

We'll secure your environment with next-generation technology that proactively monitors threats.

Solution Confidence

With a dedicated cybersecurity practice and expert security analysts, we'll build and support a top-notch security solution.

Ransomware Keeping You up at Night?

Rest assured; we’re up too… monitoring your network. Our managed security service provides 24/7 monitoring and alerting with rapid detection and response to cyber threats. With M.A. Polce’s proactive network security services, sleep well knowing we address the threats that result in:

Employee and customer data loss

A halt in business operations (and revenue)

Costly recovery efforts

Negative impacts to insurance and reputation

Managed Cybersecurity Services with Real-Time Threat Hunting, Detection, and Response

As a managed security services provider (MSSP), we offer network security solutions to protect business-critical information and build cyber resilience. M.A. Polce gives you all the tools and resources you need to mitigate risks and protect against the latest cyber threats. 

Managed Detection & Response

Our MDR service is an advanced combination of network visualization, insider threat monitoring, anti-malware, traffic analysis, and endpoint security used to keep you safe around the clock. With real-time threat hunting, detection, and response, MDR services enable us to catch cyber threats before they can spread.

Threat Monitoring –

We watch your network around the clock, ready to respond 24×7.

Advanced Detection –

We use artificial intelligence and experienced analysts to detect and analyze threats.

Rapid Mitigation –

Our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) can quarantine threats in minutes. Faster response results in minimizing damages and costs, safeguarding data, and business continuity.

Expert Guidance –

When questions arise, our team of experienced security analysts is there for you.

Detailed Reports –

Helpful reports allow you to see your attack history, areas of concern, and other insights.

Dashboard Visibility –

View your entire network, active threats, and prioritized alerts in one intuitive dashboard.

Cybersecurity has evolved to the point where traditional security measures are no longer enough to keep your business secure. MDR is a next-generation managed security service that combines the human layer with machine learning for an advanced level of protection. Unlike traditional security measures, MDR scans for suspicious behavior and uses threat intelligence to detect both known and emerging threats. This makes it highly effective in catching threats other solutions may miss.

Defend Against Cyberattacks with Managed Detection & Response Services

Rapid detection and response are critical to avoiding operational downtime, revenue loss, and damage to your business reputation. Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service monitors your network and devices 24x7x365, with a focus on catching breaches and responding to contain them within minutes. 

Customize Your MDR Solution with Additional Security Services

Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Services

M.A. Polce’s GRC services help organizations to manage cyber risks, ensure compliance, and maintain good governance practices. 

Leverage various cybersecurity assessments to identify vulnerabilities and patch network weak spots before they’re exploited. And, get tailored recommendations that help you create a strong defense strategy to proactively guard against cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training & Incident Response Services for Businesses

Get the cybersecurity fundamentals every organization needs to build an effective cyber resilience strategy.

Security Awareness Training

Cyber education used to prevent and mitigate user risk and foster cybersecurity awareness within an organization. Through social engineering campaigns and online training exercises, we can deploy a program that makes your employees your greatest asset in stopping cyber threats.

Incident Response Services

Incident response services to prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber incidents. Receive prioritized access to our experienced team and have peace of mind knowing you’ve got a partner ready to handle security incidents and resolve cyberattacks when needed. We’re ready to respond 24×7.

What Our Clients Think

Managed Cybersecurity Services FAQs

Questions About Cybersecurity Services? This Might Help:

Simply put, we’ve had a security practice for over 20 years and a dedicated staff of certified professionals managing it. Security is at the center of everything we do. We are SOC 2 compliant and follow strict standards for all of our business operations. From assessments to 24x7x365 MDR, we can fully manage or complement your IT operations to maximize your security posture.

A managed security service provider (MSSP) is an outsourced, all-in-one security solution that monitors and manages a business’s security systems. Many organizations partner with an MSSP, often in addition to their existing security program, to protect their network and data from looming cyber attacks.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is the latest industry term that describes what used to be called antivirus. EDR is installed on endpoint devices and attempts to identify known signatures and erratic behaviors that might be indicative of malicious code.  Managed detection and response (MDR) is a managed service whereby security analysts in a security operations center (SOC) are actively monitoring, hunting, detecting, and quarantining malicious activity. As such, EDR is more tool-based, whereas MDR is more tool and people based.  Both EDR and MDR are essential, and they work nicely together, especially when the telemetry from the EDR agent can be ingested into the MDR process.

We offer security assessments and penetration tests as well as various other cybersecurity assessment services. Please visit our Assessment & Compliance page to learn more about all of these services.  

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SOC 2 &
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