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Industry-Specific IT & Cybersecurity Services

M.A. Polce specializes in delivering high-quality IT and cybersecurity services across New York State. Our SOC 2 for Service Organizations accreditation and industry-specific expertise ensure that we can provide tailored IT and cybersecurity services to meet the diverse needs of specific industries.

Energy & Utilities




K-12 Education

Local Government


Energy & Utilities

Empower Secure & Reliable Energy Networks

We work with organizations throughout the utility sector to modernize and manage their IT infrastructure, achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, reduce cyber risk, and improve their overall cybersecurity strategy.  


Enhance & Secure Your Production Line

Our team enables manufacturers to secure critical infrastructure, streamline processes, and safeguard intellectual property. Explore how our services can enhance productivity and security in your environment so that you can do more and worry less. 

Financial Services

Develop Advanced Digital Defenses

Between ensuring operational efficiency and protecting customer data, financial service organizations count on us for IT and cybersecurity solution design, implementation, and ongoing management. Learn how we can help you maintain compliance and trust in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Healthcare Services

Sustain Operations & Protect Patient Data

We help medical practices protect patient data, achieve regulatory compliance, and enhance operational efficiency. Find out how we can support your healthcare facility in delivering secure, high-quality care.

K-12 Education

Secure Your School District's IT Environment

Ensure secure, seamless, and efficient digital learning experiences while protecting sensitive student and staff information. Discover how we can enhance your school’s technology infrastructure and safeguard your digital assets.

Local Government

Build Public Sector Cyber Resilience

From secure data management to cyber strategy development, we help municipalities operate safely and efficiently. See how our expertise supports transparent, secure, and efficient government operations

Professional Services

Leverage Secure Technology to Grow Your Business

Whether you need help with IT managment, networking and wireless. secure hosting, cybersecurity, or compliance support, we can help you optimize operations, protect data, and achieve your business objectives. Discover how our expertise can drive your success in a competitive market.

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