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Rome housing
Author: Bea Ewing
Date: November 23, 2020
Rome Housing Authority

Rome Housing Authority Leverages Cisco SPARK With New Phone System


Rome Housing Authority (RHA) had an outdated phone solution that was approaching its end of life and end of support cycle on January 31,2017. M.A. Polce’s primary goal was to design a cost-effective replacement solution that was comparable to what they previously had, giving them the same functionality they were used to with their old system. Of equal or greater importance was the need for a solution that would fit their multi-location business model as RHA has a total of 16 users across four locations throughout the City of Rome.


M.A. Polce and RHA determined that the Cisco Spark Collaboration solution would be the best fit. Cisco Spark provides all the voice features, call routing, and voicemail that RHA was accustom to, with the added benefit of collaboration. Cisco Spark allows the end user to host virtual meetings, instant message, share files and place calls in a secure fashion that meets the legal and regulatory compliance requirements that RHA has. By hosting a virtual meeting, it will give RHA employees the ability to conduct meetings internally and externally where they can share video and do screen shares. The Spark Messaging component will allow RHA employees to interact with each other in secure virtual work spaces. Work spaces can be created on an individual basis or on a group basis. Both options allow users to send files and collaborate on team discussions or topics, which helps to reduce the amount of email that goes back and forth. Cisco Spark Calling gives the user the ability to place and receive calls from their desk phone as well as through their mobile device with the Cisco Spark app installed.

Business Outcome

Since Cisco Spark is a hosted cloud platform, this reduced the footprint at the main office network closet. With a Cisco Spark solution, RHA will see the benefit of streamlined communication and at the same time have a reliable, updated phone system.

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