Streamline Compliance and Enhance Your Security Posture

Move beyond ad-hoc risk mitigation efforts. Our program identifies and addresses sources of risk systematically, ensuring a proactive approach to cyber risk management aligned with your governance, risk, and compliance initiatives.

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Simplified Governance, Risk, & Compliance at Your Fingertips

Ensure long-term resilience in the face of evolving cyber threats with a program that simplifies compliance tasks and continuously strengthens your security defenses.

Get Strategic Cybersecurity Guidance

Extend your team with an expert who can assess your risks and vulnerabilities, create and execute a strategic plan, ensure compliance and safeguard business continuity.

Continuously Improve Your Cyber Posture

Stay on the road of continuous improvement with real time updates on your security posture, risk level and compliance readiness.

Achieve Your Desired Level of Compliance

Obtain a personalized cybersecurity plan consisting of easy-to-follow policies tailored to your needs, IT environment, tools, regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Systematically Manage Cyber Risk with a Custom Built Compliance Program

Dive deeper than surface-level risk management. Elevate your governance, risk, and compliance strategies to tackle cyber threats systematically. We’ll help you go beyond mere box-ticking exercises, identifying intricate sources of risk within your environment and guiding strategic efforts to mitigate these risks effectively.

Automated Risk Assessments & Scanning

Identify security vulnerabilities and analyze your cyber risk through automated assessments of your internal and public environments.

On-Demand Reports & Policies

Demonstrate due diligence mandated under various industry and global standards with policy development, on-demand reporting and activity logs.

Easy-to-Use Portal for Visibility

Provide the documentation and records required to complete and pass a compliance audit within a single, easy-to-use portal.

Security Roadmapping

Drive toward compliance with a security roadmap of specific tasks ranked by level of severity.

Incident Readiness

Engage in tabletop exercises to ensure you are ready to respond in the event of a cyber attack.

Security Consultation

Extend your team with a dedicated security expert. Get help with roadmap tasks and guidance on best practices in monthly status meetings.

How We Create and Analyze Your Cyber Risk Profile

Through a series of assessments and scans that we perform on your environment, we create a full profile and gap analysis of your current risk level and cyber posture compared to industry benchmarks.

A flow chart depicting how ma polce's cyber risk management program software generates a cyber risk profile and analyzes it. It starts with mixing the data from external and internal vulnerability scans with the results from guided, intuitive questionnaires to create the client's unique cyber profile. From there, the data is entered into the risk management and compliance software, powered by artificial intelligence, where it is analyzed with real-time relevant threat intelligence, relevant industry benchmarks, and relevant security standards, compliance, and frameworks.

Customize Your Cyber Risk Management Strategy

For organizations looking for an even more comprehensive solution to cyber risk management, we offer a variety of additional security services to build out a custom program tailored to your needs.

Security Awareness Training

Additional Security Consulation

Security Assessment

Risk Assessment

Penetration Testing

Policy & Plan Development

Vulnerability Scanning

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"If you're in the market for a professional, knowledgeable, and dependable Managed Service Provider, then look no further than M.A. Polce."

Scott L.

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"We appreciate the partnership that M.A. Polce has brought to our managed IT services. They provide excellent support but also serve as a resource for us to discuss our IT environment and develop plans for improvement, change, and growth."

Rachel S.

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Governance, Risk, & Compliance FAQs

Cybersecurity compliance involves adhering to industry regulations and standards to protect sensitive data and mitigate cyber risks. For small to mid-sized organizations, compliance is essential for building trust with customers, avoiding regulatory penalties, and safeguarding against cyber threats.

Common challenges this type of program solves includes: Limited resources and expertise to navigate complex cybersecurity requirements, uncertainty about which regulations apply to their specific industry and operations, concerns about the potential impact of cyber threats on business continuity and reputation, and lack of clarity on how to prioritize and implement cybersecurity measures effectively.

A dedicated cyber risk management program offers a structured approach to help organizations get started on their cybersecurity journey. It begins with an initial assessment to identify existing vulnerabilities, followed by the development of a customized roadmap for implementation, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and effectively.

Dedicated programs offer ongoing monitoring, assessment, and updates to ensure that cybersecurity measures remain effective against emerging threats and evolving regulatory requirements. They provide proactive guidance and support to help organizations stay ahead of cyber risks and maintain a strong security posture over time.

Investing in a dedicated program demonstrates a commitment to safeguarding sensitive data, protecting against cyber threats, and maintaining regulatory compliance. It enhances trust and credibility with customers, partners, and regulators, ultimately contributing to long-term business success and resilience.

Experience the Power of High-Visibility Security Insights and a Tailored GRC Journey​

With strategic cybersecurity guidance on your side, you will have the ability to navigate compliance and strengthen your security posture.

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