Full Circle Ransomware Defense & Cyber Risk Management for K-12 Education

Continue to embrace digital learning environments while ensuring the security and reliability of your district’s IT infrastructure. 

Advanced Ransomware Protection

Sleep better at night knowing your network is being monitored 24x7 by a Security Operations Center (SOC) focused on threat detection and rapid response.

Continuous Improvement

Strengthen your security posture with ongoing analysis and expert consultation from certified pros who can validate the effectiveness of your security efforts.

Dedicated Team of Experts

Fill in the gaps of your in-house operation with a team of dedicated experts to round out your approach and prevent vulnerabilities exposed by resource limitations.

What Our Clients Say

A bit about how we help them tackle their IT and cybersecurity challenges.

"As the Director of Technology for a large suburban school district in NY State, M.A. Polce IT & Cybersecurity has been great to work with identifying opportunities to strengthen our cybersecurity stance. We have been working with M.A. Polce for the past two years on a tiered approach evaluating our systems, they are very attentive, have a great attention to detail, and have a very professional team. I would encourage any organization to partner with M.A. Polce."
"We started with Polce by having the company monitor some of our key systems. That monitoring service provided peace of mind, and in addition, we ended up having Polce provide some remote and on-site troubleshooting for some of those key systems. It was great to have expertise we did not have in-house. Polce staff are very easy to work with, friendly, and willing to assist in any way. The main reason I would recommend M.A. Polce to another organization is because of the people. Willing to help and always ready to do so.”

Optimize Cybersecurity Investments Within Budget Constraints

Experience a comprehensive, personalized, and reliable approach to K-12 cybersecurity that doesn’t break the bank.

vCISO Managed Risk

A real-time view of your district's risk posture and compliance status, continuously analyzed by an intuitive AI-powered platform. A certified expert guides you to your desired level of compliance using a roadmap based on your initial risk profile.

True Managed Detection & Response

Harness advanced ransomware defense technology backed by a 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC). Get additional context into alerts provided by a team of cyber analysts intimately familiar with your environment.

Develop a Dependable Cyber Strategy for Your District

We can craft and implement a strategic security program aligned with your institution’s goals and objectives.

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