M.A. Polce Installs Live Streaming Video Camera at Syracuse Airport


I have a passion for solving customer challenges and I have a passion for technology. Being a Solutions Architect allows me to have the best of both worlds.  I get to solve customer challenges while leveraging technology. However, the challenges I am typically solving are the same challenges repeatedly so it can get mundane. Though, on occasion I am faced with a new challenge that I welcome with open arms.

For years M.A. Polce Consulting has been providing an assortment of IT services to Syracuse Regional Airport Authority (SRAA) including Managed Services, Virtualization, Storage, and Networking upgrades. A couple of years ago SRAA had a request to live stream footage of the airfield on their webpage. Obviously, this is not exactly new – people have been streaming live footage for years. However, SRAA wanted it to be a new, vibrant, and exciting addition to their webpage. They wanted to incorporate not only three live video streams but also incorporate communications and gather statistics on the page views.

I was excited to take on this challenge. I have always had a love for flying so I really wanted to sink my teeth into this project. I designed a solution leveraging our key partners to deliver high definition video streams to their webpage with analytics. I will be the first to admit I was not sure how many people would actually view these streams. I figured a few here and there that might tune but I never dreamed just how many people it would actually attract. Here are some statistics from the live streams.

  • Over 3.1 Million views total
  • 6,808 channel subscribers total
  • 156,568 views in the last 28 days
  • 463 added subscribers in the last 28 days

These numbers speak for themselves. Millions from all around the globe have viewed this solution. The analytics that can be collected from this traffic is just as astounding and something that SRAA has found very valuable. Here are some sample statistics from the live streams.

  • United States makes up 32% of the views but 54%
  • 26% of the views are males over the age of 65 years old
  • 31% of the views are from mobile Phones
  • 32% of the mobile phone views are running Android IOS

The solution was secure, simple, affordable, and powerful.  Since it first took off, no pun intended, we started talking about this with other customers who might want to do something similar for their business. Golf courses, theaters, and even doggie daycares have begun to see the value in this solution.  It is a way for customers to show case their business to people all over the world.  If you want more information on this solution, please reach out to us at 315-338-0388! Here is a link to Syracuse Regional Airport’s live view page – Enjoy!


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