Protecting Your Business with Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery for the Small Business – Yes, They Need it Too!

There is a common misconception that small businesses don’t need disaster recovery. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, approximately 60% of small businesses that lose access to operational systems and data without a disaster recovery plan eventually fail. And 93% of these businesses that fail will close within one year of the attack. This year a business is falling victim to ransomware attacks at a rate of 1 every 14 seconds. Next year it is anticipated to be 1 every 11 seconds. With statistics like this, it’s not a question if the attack will happen, but rather when it will happen.

Traditionally, disaster recovery solutions were expensive to implement and maintain. You needed a secondary location, hardware, ISP services, supported architecture, create a plan [SR1], allocate resources, etc. [SR2] It was a complex process and from our experience, very few organizations developed a working solution. As a result, small businesses usually didn’t have the ability to implement a complete disaster recovery solution due to the lack of funding. Luckily this is no longer the truth. With advancements in technology, disaster recovery services have come down significantly in price which is especially good for small businesses.

Years ago, hackers spent more time targeting bigger organizations where the payout would be larger. However, there has been a shift, and attackers are now casting a much wider net looking to cash in on anyone, especially small businesses. They learned that most small businesses don’t have a reliable backup solution or disaster recovery plan in place. This increases the odds that the victim would pay the ransom or be forced out of business.

Well, it’s time to start fighting back. Ransomware attacks continue to grow at alarming rates simply because they are working. Attackers are using the old saying, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. It’s as simple as that. With an effective disaster recovery solution, there is no need to fall victim to these types of attacks. Please reach out to us to see how M.A. Polce can offer end to end disaster recovery solutions to fit the needs and budget for your business.

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