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M.A. Polce has been serving businesses and organizations across many industries for over two decades.  This has allowed us to gain valuable insight and knowledge about the different aspects that are unique to each field.  Industries often have their own compliance and regulatory standards, and this has an impact on the technology systems that are used.  Our team has specialization that spans financial, education, government, medical, insurance, manufacturing, utilities and more.  In conjunction with our SOC 2 for Service Organizations accreditation, this provides our customers with the confidence that we can deliver IT and cybersecurity services to fully meet their needs. 

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Insurance providers play a critical role in protecting our way of life, especially when unforeseen events happen.  M.A. Polce has been working with a variety of insurance companies for many years.  We understand that their technology assets require efficient operation and their sensitive data needs protection from cyber threats.  If you are a local agent or part of a larger provider, schedule a call with us to learn more about our IT and cybersecurity services.  We have the technology and industry knowledge to empower your business to thrive in the adaptation of modern approaches to cybersecurity, data storage, IT management, and networking.

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Utilities provide the essential ingredients that help power our world. Electricity. Solar. Water. Natural Gas. Our economy relies on utilities because their services are essential to everything we do. Cybercriminals target the utility industry for the same reasons we seek to protect it: their services are a critical component of our national infrastructure. M.A. Polce has the experience to help protect utility companies so they can continue accelerating the growth of our nation.

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K-12 Education

We listened to school district administrators and built a new line of affordable technology services developed specifically for education.  Our customized approach is aimed at keeping school district networks up, their data secure, and their instruction running without interruption. We partner with leading manufacturers like Cisco, HP, VMWare, and Microsoft to provide the latest technology, from simple quotes to large project design.  We understand the contract process and work closely with GSA, OGS, NCPA, and various BOCES BIDS.   We have former educators and certified school administrators on staff who work closely with district leaders to customize effective IT and cybersecurity services.  

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State & Local Government

M.A. Polce has a long history of working closely with towns, villages, cities, counties, police and fire departments, and other municipal entities. We recognize the integral role that government organizations play in maintaining the infrastructure and integrity of our nation. We are well versed in meeting the unique needs of state and local government, and the security of sensitive data is at the forefront of our mission. In recent years we have completed a great deal of policy and planning work, as well as numerous projects focused on Board of Elections initiatives.  

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M.A. Polce offers a variety of solutions to address the distinct needs of financial institutions across our community. We  work with local banks, credit unions, and other financial services firms to help them achieve efficient IT operations and a strong data security posture.  We provide in-depth assessments that draw attention to potential vulnerabilities that could allow cyber-threats to infiltrate networks.  With several leading financial institutions as clients, we have the knowledge and expertise to be a recognized IT and cybersecurity provider in the financial industry.  

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Manufacturing helps fuel our nation’s growth. M.A. Polce helps manufacturers leverage the technology needed to drive efficient operations and foster innovation, productivity, research, development, and job growth.  We provide managed services for small and mid-sized manufacturing companies who prefer to outsource IT and cybersecurity operations rather than deal with it on their own.  This allows businesses to spend more time on their core functions and less on disruptive IT management.  This model also ensures manufacturers are getting the latest technology and are being protected from ever-changing cyber-threats.

Kinney Drugs

Meraki Wireless Provides Cloud Managed Security Headquartered in Syracuse, New York, Kinney Drugs has over 128 drugstores and pharmacies in 6 North Eastern states. Challenge

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Sitrin Healthcare Center

Sitrin is dedicated to providing compassionate, professional care, and continues to seek innovative solutions to meet the medical, social, behavioral, recreational, and support needs of

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