How Outsourced IT Supports Your Internal IT Team


Recruitment and retention of qualified employees remain two of the most significant challenges affecting IT teams, yet many businesses are reluctant to outsource IT responsibilities to managed service providers (MSPs). IT departments may be hesitant about outsourcing because of the misconception that MSPs will replace in-house teams.

While job security is always a valid concern, IT teams need not fear, as co-managed IT enhances the work of in-house teams, not take them over. By partnering with an MSP and MSSP (managed security services provider) like M.A. Polce, businesses access various IT solutions to boost the efficiency of their efforts. Learn the multiple benefits of co-managed IT services for your company.

What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

Although MSPs will not replace an in-house team, some managed service models allow companies to outsource all their IT processes. This is known as a fully-managed service model. Unlike fully-managed IT, co-managed IT services enable businesses to retain control of some IT tasks while relying on the MSP to provide insight and support with other responsibilities. An example is having in-house IT support for software updates and hardware installations but delegating cybersecurity to the MSP or MSSP.

Why Might Your Business Consider Co-Managed IT?

According to a report from CompTIA reviewing trends in managed services from 2022, more businesses appear to prefer the hybrid approach to managed services over relying predominantly on them for IT purposes. While in 2021, 56% of businesses followed the hybrid approach, 63% of companies favored the hybrid model in 2022.

Part of this trend stems back to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses realized how crucial resiliency is to their success. Co-managed IT services provide the assurance necessary to navigate networks, information security, cloud services, and similar concerns in an increasingly digital business world.

You may wonder whether co-managed IT makes sense for your business. If your organization fits the following descriptions, it may be time to consider partnering with an MSP or MSSP:

In-House Team Knowledge Gap

Constant innovation means technology develops rapidly, often outpacing a company’s ability to train IT employees in new approaches, processes, and systems. Even the strongest IT department can struggle to keep up with these changes. As a result, an organization may experience a knowledge gap. A knowledge gap occurs when employees don’t currently have the skills necessary to meet business objectives.

MSPs work diligently to keep up with the latest trends in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and other aspects of IT services. Their knowledge can supplement what your IT employees still need to learn, enabling the department to meet goals more efficiently.

Lack of Cybersecurity Expertise

Finding cybersecurity talent continues to be a challenge for IT teams. A report from ISACA notes that 62% of businesses say their IT departments are short on cybersecurity staff, and one in five respondents said it takes six months or more to find qualified candidates to fill positions.

While cybersecurity is only one aspect of IT efforts, it’s crucial for safeguarding sensitive data, securing your reputation, and maintaining compliance. Instead of spending hours looking for qualified candidates for an in-house team, companies can partially outsource the job through co-managed IT and save time.

Overworked Staff

Even with the most knowledgeable staff, personnel can feel stretched to capacity. If your existing team is overwhelmed with customer and internal support, adding more work to their plate may lead to burnout. In this way, investing in co-managed IT services not only help your business meet demand. Adequate support from MSPs or MSSPs can also enable IT teams to be more productive and experience greater satisfaction.

A Big IT Project Is on the Horizon

New IT projects can mean more growth for your organization. However, depending on how complex these initiatives are, they can strain resources. In these situations, co-managed becomes a helping hand that empowers businesses to fulfill project goals.

Benefits of Co-Managed IT

Even if the above situations don’t apply to your business, you may still consider co-managed IT simply for the in-house IT support it delivers. The following are just some advantages of these services:

Become a Partner Instead of a Replacement

As mentioned, the intention with co-managed IT is never to replace your IT teams but to enhance their work. Think of it as a partnership and not a replacement. Though you receive help from an MSP or MSSP, your IT department remains in control when making decisions that will affect the company.

Offload Internal Team’s Burden

Pair a limited budget with an understaffed IT team, and you will have heavy workloads that can drain employees’ productivity. Your IT team is integral to your business, meaning you can’t afford to leave them burned out with their jobs. Augment the department with co-managed IT to offload more tedious tasks, potentially increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Receive Around the Clock IT Support

MSPs and MSSPs utilize technology capable of continuously monitoring networks and systems. This benefit can prevent your IT team from missing a cyberattack or similar issue occurring during off hours and ensure a solution is employed quickly to avoid extended downtime and high costs for your business.

Incorporate Security into Your IT

No other department is quite as concerned with security as IT. In charge of managing sensitive — and sometimes confidential — information, IT teams constantly look for ways to bolster security. The outside perspective of an MSP or MSSP can help you identify vulnerable spots in your networks and systems, allowing you to maintain more fortified cybersecurity and comply with regulations.

Strengthen IT at a Fraction of the Cost

Between hiring talent for your in-house team and outsourcing tasks to an MSP or MSSP, the latter is often more cost-effective. A recent report from Mordor Intelligence estimates that successfully implementing managed services can lower IT expenses by 25 to 45% while boosting operational efficiency by 45 to 65%.

Cost-Effective Managed IT Services for New York State at M.A. Polce

If your organization could benefit from co-managed IT services, turn to M.A. Polce for help. As an MSP and MSSP, we deliver numerous managed technology support services and cybersecurity solutions to small to medium-sized businesses and public entities in New York State. Additionally, we partner with leading manufacturers to provide clients with the most up-to-date technology. Contact us today to learn more about our services or for more insights into co-managed IT.


M.A. Polce partners with Cisco, the global technology giant, to deliver cutting-edge IT and cybersecurity solutions. Their collaboration offers businesses of all sizes access to Cisco’s advanced networking and security technologies, ensuring fortified digital landscapes against emerging threats. M.A. Polce’s certified experts work closely with clients to design bespoke Cisco-based solutions, optimizing efficiency and safeguarding critical data. Together, they provide unparalleled service and support, empowering organizations to thrive securely in today’s interconnected world.


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