Security Assessments

Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands smarter and more comprehensive security measures. Security Assessments help to identify vulnerabilities in your IT systems and organization and make recommendations for improvements to lower the risk of data breaches. 

Why Do I Need a Security Assessment?

Cyber threats have become so invasive and damaging, and attacks so widespread that many organizations find themselves lacking the appropriate resources to combat these threats. It’s essential to evaluate the existing security within your infrastructure and environment and to identify any risks within those environments and the effect they could potentially have on day-to-day business operations. M.A. Polce’s Security Assessment Services can help.  

Our experts perform assessments that not only identify vulnerabilities, but also the steps you should take to safeguard your perimeter network, critical internal assets, remote users, and customers. 

How Does a Security Assessment Work?

We will first evaluate the architecture of your network and identify the existing security protections in place. We’ll then inspect the effectiveness of the configurations to ensure they are adequately protecting your assets. 

Routers and firewalls have many options which need to be configured properly or enabled/disabled to maintain the appropriate levels of security and to take advantage of the inherent abilities of these devices. For example, one misconfiguration could render the firewall useless or open your network up to known exploitsAs part of a security assessment, M.A. Polce will review these devices based on our internally developed processes designed specifically to address these needs. 

The security of your network infrastructure depends on more than properly configured firewalls and anti-virus. All aspects of network design need to be considered as a whole when reviewing and planning the security of the network. This means understanding network design and applying secure practices to all aspects of the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the network. M.A. Polce is familiar with best practices and secure network design as it applies to your business and the products and solutions that enable it. During the security assessment, we will look at the entire picture of your network and make recommendations based on best practices and business processes.

What Can I Expect From My Security Assessment?

An analysis of critical systems based on industry benchmarks and best practices, along with a comprehensive report outlining associated vulnerabilities and the risks they pose to your organization. In addition, recommended action items are identified and clearly explained. 
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