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At M.A. Polce, we understand that trust and familiarity are crucial elements in the services we offer. That’s why referrals are the best way for us to expand and build strong relationships with other businesses. So, we would like to ask for your assistance today in sharing your trust in us with a business associate, friend, or family member.

How Does it Work?

Submitting a referral is easy. Here’s how it works:

*A qualified proposal in this context is a proposal made for a company with 20 employees or more with a total net sale price of $5,000 or more.

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Alternatively, you can make a referral by contacting M.A. Polce’s Marketing & Communications Manager, Beatrice Ewing, by phone or email using the information below.

What Makes a Good Referral?

A good referral for M.A. Polce is a business owner or decision-maker at an organization with 20 or more employees located within a 60-mile radius of Syracuse, Rochester, or Buffalo and could use help with any of the following:

It's a Win-Win-Win

Because every party can benefit.

Earn Money

Referrers are rewarded for their support and stand to reap the monetary benefit of up to $550 for every successful referral.

Help a Business Friend

By referring a business to M.A. Polce, you are connecting them with high-quality IT services that can help their business grow and succeed.

Promote Growth

Referrals drive M.A. Polce’s growth, ensuring long-term success and high-quality IT services for clients.

Our Promise

At M.A. Polce, we strive to grow our client base one client at a time. We do this by building meaningful relationships that allow us to deeply understand a prospective client's needs and unique situation. So, we promise to treat your referral with respect and value their time, and won't make you regret making the referral.

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