M.A. Polce Team Reunites


M.A. Polce Synergy at Hamburger & Hotdog Day.

This year’s annual Hamburger & Hotdog Day summoned members across each department from both of our Rome and Syracuse locations. After a year defined by distance, this day gave us an opportunity to reunite in a meaningful and powerful way.   

As a company that values people, M.A. Polce organized this day to promote the connection, trust, and understanding of those working alongside one another. The day was guided by activities designed to strengthen our existing network. We placed faith in one another to lead us through minefields while blindfolded.  Other games required us to merge our minds to bring our teams to victory. As the day progressed, our individual parts began to resemble something much like a machine. The day eventually wound down, but our morale continued to rise. This all-staff company meeting gave us time to reinforce our mission and refresh our spirits.  

 Now, we look towards the future with a heightened understanding of our purpose.  

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