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Author: bewing
Date: November 23, 2020
A Local Manufacturing Company Experiences a Total Loss of IT Equipment


In December 2019 PEMS Tool and Machine, a precision machined parts manufacturer serving aerospace, automotive, and gun manufacturing industries experience a fire in their warehouse. Soot and smoke enter the office space rendering all IT equipment a total loss.

The Challenge

PEMS contacted M.A. Polce to assist with providing access to payroll and inventory information required to pay employees and provide financial justification for an insurance claim. Additionally, physically recover IT Equipment, assess the level of damage, and if the information is accessible or recoverable.

The Solution

M.A. Polce physically recovered the smoke damaged HPE tower server, barracuda backup appliance, and networking gear. We validated successful backup job completion via the Barracuda Cloud Control portal and requested a replacement unit. The Server was physically inspected and cleaned prior to initial power on. Temporary access was provided at an alternate location for payroll and inventory information. The smell if smoke was overpowering during operation and an identical refurbished server was ordered to accept the hard drives. The server was rebuilt to the exact state prior to the fire. The Server and replacement Barracuda backup appliance were placed in the Rome Datacenter for secure remote access on a Co-Location hosting agreement.

The Results

M.A. Polce was able to assess, validate system state and backup jobs, recover, rebuild, and provide secure remote access to PEMS critical business information. For the remainder of 2020 PEMS Tool and Machine has been rebuilding and restructuring to emerge as 5 Axis Motorsports. They have decided to change the focus of the business from precision machined parts manufacturing and testing to aftermarket Powersports customization and fabrication including custom machining services, CNC tube bending, and Laser cutting.

M.A. Polce has provided the infrastructure for 5 Axis Motorsports including cloud-managed Security appliances, Wi-Fi, and switching from Meraki, Microsoft M365 for email, office suite, file sharing, and collaboration. Barracuda Essentials for cloud-based Email Security, Backup, Archiving, and Compliance. HP Client devices, including desktop, laptop, and workstation-class machines. The new infrastructure is covered under M.A. Polce’s Managed IT Support Services agreement.

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