Five Reasons to Migrate to Cloud-Based Services


Nowadays, planning the future of your organization’s IT environment may not be as daunting as it once was. Still, with all of the options available for both on-premise and off-premise (cloud-based) solutions, you might be left wondering where to begin. Let’s look at why migrating to cloud-based services might be right for you and your business.

Reasons Businesses Migrate to Cloud-Based Services

While there are many reasons a business or organization chooses to migrate to cloud-based services, here are the top five reasons.

  • The need for ready access to data
  • Securing your business’s data
  • Business continuity planning
  • Controlling IT costs
  • Lack of IT expertise in house

The Cloud is Always Up and Always Available

Today’s successful businesses don’t stop at 5 pm, and neither should access to your IT environment. Users require access anytime, anywhere, from any device, and chances are the environment you’re operating now doesn’t support that model, or if it does, perhaps not on the scale you need it to. When you choose to migrate to cloud-based solutions, you choose flexibility. Cloud-based services offer the accessibility to accommodate the needs of your users.

Data Security. It’s Always a Concern

Data security is a primary concern for business leaders today. If you don’t have a dedicated individual, team, or partner monitoring this for you, it’s time to start. Data stored in the cloud is encrypted and, with the IT right solution, constantly monitored for malicious activity.

Cloud-Based Services for Business Continuity

Sure, you have a backup. You may even regularly test it (if you haven’t, that’s something to address sooner rather than later). But do you have a proper business continuity plan that addresses your basic needs in the event your building or property becomes uninhabitable or unavailable? Most businesses don’t due to various factors, with cost and complexity at the top of the list. This makes cloud-based services an excellent option for those looking to preserve business continuity.

Internal IT Costs are Spiraling Out of Control

It’s not uncommon, especially if you don’t have a regular budget cycle, have aged equipment, or are generally behind on maintenance. Sometimes the quick fix seems to be to “throw money at the problem,” but all that does is drive the cost of ownership up and doesn’t address the root issue(s).

Information Technology Isn’t Your Core Competency

In many cases, employees perform dual duty between their primary job function and being the “IT Manager,” even though computing and technical support aren’t anywhere on the list of competencies. This frequently results in a mismanaged or even ignored network environment.

So What do Cloud-Based Services Really do?

First, they take the day-to-day management of an application, a service, or even the entire IT infrastructure and absorb that management overhead, freeing up your team to do what they do best, which is build your business, service your clients or community, and focus on their core competencies.

Secondly, day-to-day concerns such as security, backups (where did those pesky tapes go?), updates, and other essential operational tasks don’t fall by the wayside. They’re of paramount concern for your cloud partner. Thirdly, future planning and strategizing are as simple as contacting your partner and setting up a meeting.

If any or all of these sound like they could describe your day-to-day IT operation(s), it’s time to reach out to an M.A. Polce. Our team will work with yours to quickly identify your primary pain points, a strategy for moving forward, and a long-term plan to help you grow your business while we focus on the infrastructure that runs your business.

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