The Evolution and Misconceptions of Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): A Basic Security Control

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), one of five basic security controls that cyber insurance providers expect to see in an organization, is a must-have for companies looking to prevent data breaches, avoid cyberattacks, and enhance their overall security posture.

Adopting MFA in the Workplace

When done right, integrating MFA into an organization’s infrastructure can be painless, cost-efficient, and require minimal to no heavy lifting. However, MFA fatigue and other misconceptions prevent the successful adoption of this technology, putting businesses at risk.

This in-depth review of modern multi-factor authentication (MFA) examines its evolution, its future, and its application in the context of organizational data security.

Listen in as podcast host Mike Polce, and co-hosts Brian Millar and Nick Polce, uncover the value of adopting MFA organically instead of waiting until it’s required by a third party.

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