Cybersecurity Awareness and the Human Firewall


Security Awareness Training and Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage

In the first Pulse on Technology episode Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage, guest Will Brooks from Fifthwall Solutions joins podcast host Mike Polce to discuss cyber liability insurance coverage, why it’s needed, and what organizations must do to obtain it. The episode reveals security awareness training as one of five basic security controls that cyber liability insurance providers expect organizations to have in place.

Cybersecurity Awareness and the Human Firewall is a continuation of that series. In this episode, Senior Security Analyst Jeffrey Isherwood joins Mike Polce to examine cybersecurity awareness training and why it’s so important in terms of both obtaining cyber insurance and data breach prevention.

Reducing Human Error with Human Firewalls

Organizations that invest in security awareness training can significantly reduce human error, a leading cause of data breaches. Meanwhile, organizations that lack cybersecurity awareness are more prone to undermining hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of investments in technical security controls like firewalls. After all, it only takes one wrong click on a phishing email to let an attacker in. But with security awareness training, you can turn your employees into human firewalls. This is a vital security defense for every organization.

Security awareness training programs not only familiarize employees with cybersecurity basics and best practices but keep them up-to-date with the latest cyber threats to look out for. The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing. A good security awareness training program has updated content that accurately reflects the current threat environment.

This episode also demonstrates how the best cyber awareness programs focus on training and education. Training prepares people for what’s already known. Education helps users become cybersecurity conscious, which prepares them for what’s known and unknown. As an example, if a zero-day exploit were to appear, a cybersecurity-aware end user is better positioned to identify the threat and respond appropriately.

Key Topics in this Episode

  • Why annual security awareness training is not enough
  • Why organizations have trouble adopting security awareness programs
  • Security awareness training’s untraditional form of ROI
  • The cost of security awareness training vs. the things you can’t put a price on


Security Awareness Training and Other Cybersecurity Services with M.A. Polce

If you have an interest in implementing a cybersecurity awareness training program at your organization, contact us today. Whether you need one for compliance, cyber insurance, or because you want to advance your security posture – we can help. While you’re here, explore our other cybersecurity services and assessment and compliance solutions, too.


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