SharePoint & Intranet Informational at M.A. Polce’s Rome Office


Since March of 2022, an internal team has been dedicated to the creation of the MAPCI SharePoint Intranet. Today, June 16, 2022, M.A. Polce hosted a company-wide informational meeting about the launch of its new collaboration platform.

Following President & CEO Mike Polce’s opening remarks, the team appointed to the build M.A. Polce’s Intranet– Marketing Director Catrina Dibble, Senior Systems Engineer David Waters, Security Analyst & Team Lead Louis Stoio, and Manager of Support Services David Filicia– took the floor. Each contributor expanded on a different developmental aspect of the project and brought the audience into a shared vision of its purpose.

Even in its infancy, this shared space fosters a greater sense of community by facilitating information sharing and overall communication at the company.

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