Recent College Graduates Make Mark at M.A. Polce 


The demand for experience as a prerequisite for entry-level jobs leaves many college graduates discouraged as they search for their first professional roles. Fortunately, with the rapid growth of technology-based job openings in the U.S., combined with the many emerging technology, cybersecurity, and communications college programs, recent graduates are making an immediate impact at companies like M.A. Polce. 

M.A. Polce adapted their hiring practices by creating a new program that helps freshly minted college graduates gain on-the-job training. Working alongside senior staff, these new professionals gain valuable insights into the work required to meet the latest technological demands. The outcome has been highly rewarding for everyone involved.  

Over the past four months, M.A. Polce has hired three recent college graduates across three different departments: Security, Support Services, and Marketing. 

The first addition was to the security team with Rebekah Lubey as an associate security and compliance analyst. This is Lubey’s first degree-related job since graduating from the University of Albany in May of 2021 with a degree in Digital Forensics. Lubey’s supervisor, Louis Stoio, security analyst and team lead, conveyed how her fresh perspective has benefited the company so far: 

Rebekah from day one has been motivated to learn and assist in projects and work in any way she can,” Stoio said. “Her excitement to learn anything and everything security is refreshing. She has been a wonderful addition to the team.” 

For the support team, the hire of Mathew Johnson as a support services engineer has also proven successful. Johnson graduated from SUNY Poly in May of 2022 with a degree in Networking and Computer Security and a minor in Computer Science. David Filicia, support services manager, shared his view on working with a recent college graduate:  

“Hiring recent graduates has a positive impact on the organization because good work habits can be established right away,” Filicia said. 

In the marketing department, M.A. Polce welcomed Beatrice Ewing as a marketing coordinator. Ewing graduated from Utica University in May of 2022 with a degree in Communication and Media and a concentration in Public Relations. Rick Pollard, director of business development, commented on Ewing’s contributions thus far:  

“Bea has made an immediate impact by bringing fresh ideas into our organization. Her ability to drive social media, website development, and other digital areas has been noticed by many,” Pollard said. 

The adoption of this new training program was led by M.A. Polce’s leadership team. They recognized the level of talent emerging from quality college programs in upstate NY and paired it with the growing need to fill technology positions. The company was able to embark on this innovative approach given the confidence it has in its existing team of experts.

“Our senior management team is motivated to advance the professional development of those who are just entering the workforce,” said Michelle Senus, vice president of human resources. “For them, it’s more than a job. It’s about growth and enjoying the work you do and instilling that feeling in others.” 

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