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A clean and uninterrupted power supply will help keep your technology and business operations running smoothly. Get a free power assessment of your IT infrastructure that will help you make informed decisions about power protection, efficiency, and operating costs.

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Take Advantage of a Complimentary Power Audit of Your IT Environment.
See Gaps That Could Negatively Impact Your Bottom Line.

Always-on power is a necessity regardless of your business segment. Let us ease your mind with a free power audit with a qualified expert.

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First answer a few questions to help us understand your environment. Then, one of our specialists will contact you to schedule an in-person or a virtual visit.

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The onsite power review will be scheduled after a discovery conference call with Eaton to determine if a physical walk through is required.


Power outages and anomalies are responsible for lost revenue, reputation damage, data loss and equipment failure, and more. A free assessment can help you reduce the potential for costly and damaging downtime.

Here's What Your Power Audit Includes

We will walk your environment on-site or virtually, mapping electrical infrastructure, providing load calculation assistance, reviewing new UPS technologies, and much more!

To identify the current UPS and power management strategy and deployment at the site.

Primary and sub-panel capability for utilization in future power implementation at the user site.

With the use of customer-supplied equipment lists. If lists do not exist, we will review the load information from the equipment on site.

And how to effectively and efficiently implement at user location based on the information obtained.

On connectivity methods to effectively manage UPS products and additional facility equipment on a single networked platform.

We’ll provide detailed hardware submittal information and quotation.

Not Sure if You Need a Power Audit?

If you’re on the fence about requesting your free power assessment, it’s critical to consider some key questions:

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