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United Radio
Author: bewing
Date: November 23, 2020
United Radio Anti-Virus Solution

United Radio is an organization that provides high-quality professional service to the electronics market place. With two locations along the east cost of the United States, they have a total of three divisions; Automotive Electronics, Communications, and Consumer Electronics. Their Corporate Headquarters is located in Syracuse, NY and part of their Automotive Electronics division is located in Peachtree, GA.  Between these two locations, United Radio had a total of 750 end points and they were in search of a new anti-virus solution.


United Radio was looking for a more comprehensive, secure, and intelligent endpoint security solution.  The product they were looking to replace was not giving United Radio the visibility, features, or protection they desired. Given their diverse footprint, United Radio wanted a solution that was cloud managed so they could monitor and maintain endpoints in the office or out in the field.


M.A. Polce Consulting deployed Cisco AMP for Endpoints for United Radio. AMP for Endpoints is Cisco’s intelligent comprehensive endpoints security solution. AMP for Endpoints leverages the Cisco TALOS service that sees and analyzes millions of malware samples and terabytes of data per day.  This means that endpoints protected with AMP is benefiting from this intelligence of traffic samples per day and offering its endpoints some of the best time to detection performance on the market. AMP for Endpoints protects against the entire attack continuum, before, during and after. Using the TALOS service, AMP is protecting networks from threats before they enter your system.  If they enter the system, AMP for Endpoints uses over 700 behavioral indicators to uncover threats.    Lastly, after a threat is detected retrospective actions can occur automatically with no intervention from IT.  AMP for Endpoints also provides a file trajectory feature so you can see how threats and files have traversed the network.  When coupled with the AMP for networks and IPS features in Cisco’s firewall solution, the organization now has an end-to-end solution with industry leading security and visibility.

Business Outcome

United Radio is protecting their endpoints wherever they may roam using AMP for Endpoints.  The endpoints are constantly learning and preventing new and emerging threats thanks to the TALOS services and millions of samples it sees on a daily basis. United Radio also has deployed Cisco’s FirePOWER services to provide even more security and visibility into the network.

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