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Author: bewing
Date: November 23, 2020
Pain Management Practice Reduces Contact and Secures Patient Information

A local comprehensive spine and pain management practice wanted to decrease face to face patient contact during check-in due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Challenge

Deploy an Apple iPad, physically secured in a stand, for patients to access a self-check-in app with secure access to a cloud-based practice management system, allowing real-time status updates of patient arrivals. The patients must only be able to access the CureMD app and network traffic must be secure and separate from the corporate network.

The Solution

M.A. Polce utilized Meraki Systems Manager, a cloud-based Mobile Device Management platform to centrally provision, monitor, and secure the iPad. API integration between the Meraki dashboard and the Apple Business Manager dashboard is configured through the exchange of certificates. A separate secure wireless SSID was created from the Meraki Dashboard for the Meraki Access Points to segregate and secure network access from patient accessed iPads.

The Results

The local comprehensive spine and pain management practice now has the ability to allow patients to quickly and easily check-in via the kiosk, pay their co-payments using a credit card (future), scan their insurance ID cards, and update their patient photo and demographics. This secure patient experience is managed by but isolated from the corporate network, only allowing one application to run on the iPad and making sure network communications are controlled.

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