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Author: bewing
Date: November 23, 2020
Local Restaurant Management Company Resolves Security Challenges with OpenDNS


A restaurant management company headquartered in Clinton, NY, found challenges in securing and protecting their devices in multiple locations throughout the Northeast. As their Managed Services Provider, M.A. Polce Consulting worked with the client to help identify current vulnerabilities within their environment. Securing and managing endpoint devices in such a dispersed geographical footprint posed a significant challenge for the client.


M.A. Polce felt the challenge could be easily rectified by utilizing our current support structure with the input of our security team. The solution leveraged Cisco Umbrella, provided and managed by M.A. Polce. Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security offering that filters users’ web traffic at the DNS (Domain Name Server) level. Filtering at the DNS level allows the solution to inspect traffic across all ports and protocols, which provides a more comprehensive security/web filtering solution than traditional web filters that only look at ports 80 (www) and 443 (https). Umbrella receives its intelligence from Talos, Cisco’s centralized intelligence engine. Talos receives intelligence about new and emerging threats from millions of sensors around the globe. This extensive sampling and threat intelligence feed allows Umbrella to be well ahead of the curve regarding new and emerging threats. Therefore, for the client, Umbrella would provide the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go and with whatever application they use. From a management perspective, the M.A. Polce Customer Information Center (CIC) handles all adds, moves, and changes for this solution.

Business Outcome

The Umbrella solution with services through M.A. Polce provides the client with a hands-off approach to a comprehensive security solution. They have found that Umbrella adds that additional layer of protection that they have been looking for. They have visibility into protected employees working off the corporate network, and installation is seamless through Active Directory. The dashboard is accessible to both M.A. Polce Consulting Support Services and theirs to view detected Malware events and generate custom reports. The value of this product has increased over time.

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