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Author: bewing
Date: November 23, 2020
Local Logistics Company Combats Ransomware with Advanced Malware Protection

Network & Endpoint Security


A local logistics company experienced ransomware outbreaks on two separate occasions. These attacks are believed to have come into their network via email that was accessed through their terminal server. Vulnerabilities in the network were identified holes in the firewall and misconfiguration of the terminal server.


The company reached out to M.A. Polce Consulting for assistance in getting through the attacks and prevent future attacks. As a first step, M.A. Polce worked with their personnel to mitigate the impact of the attacks, prevent further proliferation and restore user productivity.

The second step was a security and vulnerability assessment of the current firewall and terminal server. As part of the assessment, vulnerability scans were performed on both their internal and external networks to identify other potential existing vulnerabilities.

The Security & Vulnerability Assessment report shed light on holes in the firewall. The performance of the firewall was subpar and was allowing unsecured content to flow into their terminal server. The impact of the ransomware proliferated primarily due to the terminal server being configured directly to the public network. Remote offices in New York and Indiana were using the terminal server to access.

M.A. Polce recommended a Cisco high-performance advanced malware protection Firewall with end-point security and real-time intrusion prevention. The new firewall continuously monitors all file behavior to uncover stealthy attacks.  It thoroughly and automatically detects, blocks, and remediates advanced malware across all endpoints. M.A. Polce configured and deployed the next generation firewall with advanced threat protection, intrusion prevention and URL filtering capabilities for each of the three locations.

Business Outcome

Now the logistics company has a secure terminal server and can confidently provide remote access into their network from remote office locations. Management rests assured knowing they partnered with a consulting firm that provides a breadth of current knowledge, industry leading technology and services.

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