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Author: bewing
Date: December 2, 2020
vCISO – virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Every day, we hear news regarding the latest security breach. It has become top-of-mind for companies needing to protect their data and customer information.  Businesses often suffer not only the financial devastation caused by security breaches but the loss of consumer confidence. Both can be equally destructive to the viability of your business.

What is a vCISO?

The Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is a deployable, managed service that connects top-level security experts with organizations that need cybersecurity experience and guidance, with flexibility and scalability that could not otherwise be achieved. Tailored to a client’s specific needs, vCISO services set the cybersecurity vision. They create a strategy to deal with ever-increasing regulatory complexities, including policies, security architecture, processes, and systems to help reduce cyber threats and keep your data secure.  A customized approach is critical to creating an effective security program.  Compliance and understanding risk management are key elements of this role.


Why are Organizations Turning to vCISOs?

Organizations need someone to oversee and implement their cybersecurity program and enforce cybersecurity compliance policies.  With the high demand and the lack of well-experienced security officers, businesses are turning to the virtual option – giving them a team of experts at their disposal at a lower cost than hiring someone ‘in-house.’

Besides having expertise and lowering costs, vCISOs offer objective independence to evaluate your team and your security because they are outside your organization.  With a vCISO, you can leave your cybersecurity and compliance issues to them and return to doing what you do best.


vCISO Services in New York State

M.A. Polce is an IT and cybersecurity service provider and consulting firm in Central New York. As cybersecurity experts, we offer vCISO services to clients in New York State to assist with cyber-preparedness, risk management, and compliance readiness. Contact us today to learn about our cybersecurity services and assessment & compliance offerings.

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