M.A. Polce

July 24, 2023

July 24, 2023

A photo of a chain with a broken link behind a semi-transparent blue layer. There is a layer of text over the image of the broken chain that reads in white, all uppercase text "security update" followed by "Citrix NetScaler ADC and Gateway Critical Vulnerability." These two lines of text are divided by a green line. At the bottom left corner of the graphic is a white, stacked version of M.A. Polce's logo.

Citrix NetScaler ADC and Gateway Vulnerability CVE-2023-3519

Overview of CVE-2023-3519 Vulnerability A recent Citrix alert warns of multiple vulnerabilities impacting Citrix Netscaler AD and NetScaler Gateway products. Of those vulnerabilities, only CVE-2023-3519 is of critical severity, with…
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