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Author: Bea Ewing
Date: October 12, 2022
The Evolution and Misconceptions of Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), one of five basic security controls that cyber insurance providers expect to see in an organization, is a must-have for companies looking to prevent data breaches, avoid cyberattacks, and enhance their overall security posture.

When done right, integrating MFA into an organization’s infrastructure can be painless, cost-efficient, and require minimal to no heavy lifting. However, MFA fatigue and other misconceptions prevent the successful adoption of this technology, putting businesses at risk.

This in-depth review of modern multi-factor authentication (MFA) examines its evolution, its future, and its application in the context of organizational data security.

Listen in as podcast host Mike Polce, and co-hosts Brian Millar and Nick Polce, uncover the value of adopting MFA organically instead of waiting until it’s required by a third party. 

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