Security Awareness Training

Your proprietary information is at risk on a daily basis. Data breaches cost money, customers, and even market share. Unfortunately, many breaches result from a lack of employee awareness of the security risks inherent in their actions. People who use IT must understand policies, procedures, and their important role in IT security. That’s why we offer security awareness training to our clients.



Protect Your Company with Security Awareness Training

One of the best ways to ensure company employees will not make costly errors in regard to information security is to institute security awareness training initiatives that include, but are not limited to, classroom-style training sessions, a security awareness website, helpful hints via email, or even posters. Without this training, your company has an increased risk of security incidents due to the lack of understanding and knowledge about the threats prevalent today.

Statistics show that:

  • One in five workers (21 percent) let family and friends use company laptops and PCs to access the Internet
  • One in 10 confessed to downloading content at work they should not have
  • Two-thirds (62 percent) admitted they have a very limited knowledge of IT security
  • 5 percent say they have accessed areas of their IT system they shouldn’t

We provide custom security awareness training programs that reinforce existing policies and training as well as explain proper rules of behavior.