Your Cybersecurity is Mission Critical

Just imagine it. You discover that a breach in your network security has left your data comprised and you’re vulnerable to all kinds of problems. If you’re lucky, the problem can be quickly resolved with limited harm. But we all have read the headlines and seen the news. Some companies aren’t so lucky. The costs of cybersecurity problems can be devastating.

Advanced cybersecurity measures are more crucial than ever, and M.A. Polce provides the best all-in-one security, often paralleling Compliance efforts to protect your business from being compromised.

M.A. Polce’s Approach

It is the people, process, and technology that will ensure the success of your organization’s overall cybersecurity with the following approach:

  • Identify security vulnerabilities
  • Identify compliance gaps
  • Provide corrective measures using industry-standard best practice
  • Provide solutions based on unbiased consulting


Downtime, lost opportunities and tarnished reputations are real threats to every business. A risk assessment is crucial to help identify and address your organization’s risks helping avoid these issues. Once your risks are outlined and ranked, we can begin to implement policies and procedures that provide both guidance and governance for your employees and for the data they store, process, or transmit.


Our cybersecurity assessments are designed to help us understand your security risks and gaps. These exercises test your organization’s security preparedness, check for vulnerabilities in systems and processes, and help us to recommend steps to lower these risks and future attacks.


Vulnerability and risk management is an ongoing process and needs to continuously be adapted to the ever-changing world of cyber threats. With our Managed Security Services and Vulnerability
Management Programs, we will help you reduce risks while saving you time and resources.


Cybersecurity mitigation refers to the deployment and ongoing management of the procedures that will prevent
security incidences and data breaches.