Here's What's Included in Our Managed IT Services: Comprehensive Tier

The Comprehensive Tier of our Managed IT Services includes everything organizations need to fully outsource management of their technology environment. You’ll get next-generation technologies, experienced engineers, and an overarching commitment to security to ensure your operations run smoothly and your organization is secure.

24x7x365 Critical Infrastructure Availability Monitoring (Servers & Network Devices)

24x7x365 Critical Performance & Predictive Failure Monitoring (Servers)

Unattended Remote Control Agents       

Windows Patch Management (Servers)

Windows, Mac, 3rd Party Patch Management (Workstations)

24x7x365 Critical Infrastructure Remote and/or On-site Support 

8×5 Help Desk Remote and/or On-site Support   

Critical Infrastructure Vendor Support Case Management             

Network Administration & Support          

M365 Core Applications, Email, Email Security Administration & Support

Server Administration & Support              

Endpoint Protection Administration & Support (Servers)

Uninterruptible Power Supply Support (Network Connectivity)

Printer Support (Workstation/Server Configuration, Network Connectivity)

Workstation Administration & Support   

Endpoint Protection, Cloud Security Administration & Support (Workstations)

Network Proactive Maintenance & Updates        

Backup Proactive Maintenance & Support (M365, Local, Off-site)

Server Proactive Maintenance & Updates            

RMM, Endpoint Protection Proactive Maintenance & Updates (Servers)

Workstation Proactive Maintenance & Updates 

RMM, Endpoint Protection, Cloud Security Proactive Maintenance & Updates (Workstations)

Device Inventory Management  

Monthly Executive Report           

Monthly Server and/or Workstation Technical Report     

24x7x365 Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Security Awareness Training       

Multi-factor Authentication         

Email Security   

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) (Servers & Workstations)

DNS-Layer Security (Workstations)    

SLA Backed Incident Response Retainer 

Annual Vulnerability Scan     

PLEASE NOTE: All estimates generated by our monthly cost estimator tool are based on standard configurations and may go up or down depending on the client environment and any required customization.

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