Here's What's Included in Our Tabletop Exercise:

With data breaches and other incidents becoming more commonplace, it is essential to perform periodic tabletop exercises to ensure all responsible parties know how to react in a disaster scenario. Our tabletop process emulates realistic scenarios in a non-confrontational environment to provide effective outcomes when responding to real emergency situations.

Our facilitator works closely with the you to develop and configure a tabletop exercise that fits within your current business process and policies. At a minimum, this exercise will include the following:

  • Development of possible scenarios based on known threats and risks relevant to your business
  • Inclusion of custom variables with an emphasis on the security of sensitive information
  • Facilitation of the discussion and brainstorming process
  • Identification of key areas for improvement as they become known

The summary report captures scenarios and variables that were introduced and discussed, along with the identification of response strengths and areas for improvement. Review of the report and consultation on next steps is included.

PLEASE NOTE: All estimates are based on our standard offerings and may go up or down depending on the client environment and any required customization.

Cost Estimate

The standard price for our base tabletop exercise is:


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