Here's What's Included in Our Penetration Test:

As cybersecurity threats advance, pen tests enable you to validate the ongoing effectiveness of your defenses. The tester uses automated tools and manual exploitation to evaluate your security and presents findings to your IT team to assist with strategic remediation planning.

Internal and External penetration testing can be performed and is based on the number of target IP’s you are looking to test.  As a general rule, the following components are included:

  • Reconnaissance 
  • Scanning
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Exploitation

After the penetration test is complete, the team writes a report detailing their findings. In a meeting with your team, our security analysts deliver the report with clear explanations of each vulnerability, how they were tested, and how we recommend remediating the risk. The report includes recommendations to aid business leaders in taking logical, corrective action. We provide specific technical details that enable IT teams to act quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: All estimates are based on our standard offerings and may go up or down depending on the client environment and any required customization.

Cost Estimate

The standard price for our pentation testing services varies by project scope and number of target IP’s, but is generally in the following range:

$5,000 – $25,000

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