What Is a Vulnerability Management Program?

Vulnerability Management Programs (Patch Management Program) help identify common vulnerabilities and exposures (also known as CVEs) in your network, allowing you to fix the problem immediately. Having security gaps on your server, hardware, or software, can allow attackers to steal sensitive information, damage a connection in your network asset, and even shut down your service.  

M.A. Polce helps clients create a vulnerability management program to develop and maintain various regulatory compliance plans and their supporting functions. Vulnerability management programs consist of a variety of services including monthly reviews of vulnerabilities for a network device and systems, implementing periodic software updates, and production reports for compliance. In addition, M.A. Polce can also provide incident response support to supplement IT staff.

Vulnerability Assessments

M.A. Polce performs vulnerability assessments as a part of your Vulnerability Management Program (in accordance with federal regulations such as NERC and CIPS) against client environments. 

Vulnerability Reporting

M.A. Polce will produce regular reports that will identify potential device vulnerabilities along with recommendations to alleviate potential risks such as a software update or configuration change. An upgrade plan is then developed in conjunction with client staff. The upgrade plan presents an acceptable path to implementing required changes and considers the potential impact of each change. 

Patch Management

M.A. Polce provides patch management for server and workstation operating systems, as well as network and security devices. Patch management adds functionality and corrects known bugs or defects in software as well as addresses the security issues that are usually the main concern for most organizations. With the regulatory environment that most businesses operate under, it is important to be able to show or prove that your systems are patched to comply with any required regulations. Depending on your type of business, these could include PCI, SOX, HIPAA and other similar regulations. 

Incidence Response Support

In the case of a security incident, M.A. Polce’s Incident Response function give you access to support resources when you need them the most. 

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