What Is a Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability Assessments are a valuable way to assess a network for potential security weakness to identify where to invest for future security. These types of assessments focus on scanning the network, both internally and externally, for any potential vulnerabilities. These scans do not test the configurations to verify that they are secure. Rather they are preventative in nature. By performing a vulnerability assessment, an organization can gain a complete understanding of the nature and risks of their environment.

Why Do I Need a Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerabilities, including missing patches and misconfigured applications, expose weaknesses to attackers and open organizations to costly cyber-attacks. In order to secure their IT assets, organizations today must maintain an awareness of the vulnerabilities in their environment and respond quickly to mitigate potential threats. Our vulnerability assessments provide organizations with the knowledge, awareness, and risk background necessary to understand threats to their environment and react accordingly.

How Does a Vulnerability Assessment Work?

The first step in the vulnerability assessment is to identify the vulnerabilities on your network. This is accomplished through the use of scanning applications that are run both internally and externally, and scan for any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations such as vulnerable ports that may be open, weak passwords and missing patches. The gaps in security are then documented along with guidance to assist in remediating the identified vulnerabilities.

What Can I Expect From My Vulnerability Assessment?

The client can expect complete documentation of all vulnerabilities and results of the assessment. Based on this documentation, you will have an understating of how to mitigate vulnerabilities and security related issues. Mitigating these issues will aid in limiting your exposure before a compromise can happen.

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