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Syracuse Airport
Author: Bea Ewing
Date: November 23, 2020
Syracuse Regional Airport Authority Improves Customer Service and Reduces Loss with Perimeter Security Cameras

Syracuse Regional Airport Authority (SRAA) was making large investments in internal airport security infrastructure when they realized perimeter security needed to be addressed with equal importance.  The security chain is no stronger than its weakest link and mishaps on external airport premises needed to be mitigated.

There had been an incident where an employee working in the airport’s exclusive area mistakenly drove into the runway. This scenario could easily have turned a minor security violation into a catastrophic event. Such mistakes at airports can be the relatively small triggers that result in massive negative effects. Accurate and inclusive positioning of the security cameras was going to be critical to achieve the airport’s security objectives.


SRAA looked to M.A. Polce Consulting to design, test and deploy a state of the art camera surveillance network that would ensure a reliable user experience and provide complete coverage of airport perimeters.

SRAA wanted the main focus point to be on the concourses and the runways. Due to the vast distance that the airport consumes, testing the positioning of cameras in key locations was critical to the success of the project. M.A. Polce Consulting tested the cameras at different roof elevations to ensure aircraft and other equipment would not obstruct the cameras. To keep within budget, M.A. Polce Consulting leveraged existing connectivity infrastructure and cabling routes to connect cameras to the network.

The positioning of the cameras was done strategically after the onsite visit of the facility was performed. M.A. Polce Consulting had to take into consideration the nearest switching facility, cabling routes, cabling requirements, camera functionality, and feasibility. Given the distance the cameras were from the proposed locations, additional switching hardware and fiber optic transceivers were required. M.A. Polce Consulting leveraged existing switching closets and unused fiber runs to close the gap between the core and camera locations. M.A. Polce Consulting installed new Cisco Catalyst switches with fiber transceivers to bring high speed low latency links to the cameras.

During the design phase M.A. Polce Consulting ensured a simple and easily accessible end-user experience with minimal bandwidth consumption. The result is a live-stream of each segment and sector of the airport premises that can be viewed across a variety of platforms including laptops, desktops, android, and IOS devices.

The solution was designed with AXIS Communications outdoor security cameras that are ideal for large spaces such as parking lots and airports. The cameras contain software that can be customized to stream video to a variety of applications.  For this solution, the video streams were configured to stream to YouTube.  Once streamed to YouTube, embedding the video stream into SRAA’s website was simplistic and it ensured operability across a variety of platforms. Because the video stream is referencing YouTube, the only bandwidth that is consumed is the uploading of the video stream from each camera to the YouTube channel.

Business Outcome

The airport perimeter security solution designed and installed by M.A. Polce Consulting is operating with amazing results. SRAA is currently displaying exceptional live stream video on their website. The cameras provide outstanding smooth live video at 720P resolution with approximately 6mbps upload speed consumed on average. End users are able to view the cameras on android and IOS devices as well as laptops and desktops. With the quality of cameras used, SRAA can view the premises and have the ability to move these cameras as they see fit.

To see the cameras in action, click below!


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