Data Center Technician

The Data Center Technician is responsible for the systems, network and facilities management of the MAPCI Phoenix Data Centers (located in Rome and Syracuse) to provide stable and reliable operations on a day-to-day basis.

The Data Center Technician shall be responsible for maintaining security, stability, and environmental controls, among other items, as needed, in the Data Centers.

The Data Center Technician maintains hardware and software as needed to provide stable and reliable service to our clients.

The Data Center Technician should take every precaution to minimize down time to hosted clients and provide adequate communication when planned down time is needed.

The Data Center Technician is responsible for alerting upper management to the resources and materials required by the many systems that operate within the Data Centers and for controlling expenses associated with the Data Center’s operation.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Maintain Security for the Data Centers (and MAPCI Rome Office).
    • Regulate and monitor physical security (access) as well as remote electronic access into the Data Centers.
    • Document access badge distribution, use, and retrieval.
    • Maintain current system with support and warranties.
  • Maintain Data Center “Systems”, verifying proper operation and “up time” for, including but not limited to, those listed below. Perform scheduled upgrades as needed. Maintain licensing, warranties and support.
    • Barracuda Units
    • Zimbra Servers
    • UPS system/Auxiliary Power (UPS, transfer switch, and generator)
    • Cooling Systems
    • SANs and direct attached Drive Enclosures
    • Windows/Linux Based Operating Systems
    • MAPCI Phone System
    • IP Monitoring System
    • Anti-Virus systems
    • Data Backup Systems (including tape change for UCP and Oneida Ltd)
    • Phoen1xASP Servers
    • Ctera\Phoen1xguard backend systems
  • Maintain Network Infrastructure
    • Maintain Network infrastructure as required to host client services reliably and securely.
    • Perform scheduled upgrades as needed.
    • Maintain licensing, warranties and support.
  • Manage Service and Support contracts with Vendors whose equipment is in the Data Centers (including but not limited to UPS, Liebert AC units, Generator, Fire Suppression, UCS, Storage) ensure appropriate PM is scheduled and performed to completion.
  • Maintain Documentation
    • Setup and maintain various Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for basic operation of each facet of Data Center Operations, including but not limited to, systems, storage, backup, network, Anti-Virus, etc.
    • Maintain change records for Data Center changes, adjustments, or expansions.
    • Maintain records of storage utilization.
  • Develop Subject Matter Expertise in Data Center Operations (systems, storage, backup, network, facilities, etc.) and Operations best practices.
  • Perform daily, and weekly inspections/maintenance, as needed to keep Data Center functional and prepared for various potential interruptions (failover w firewalls, internet providers etc.):
    • Ensure Data Backups/Snap shots
    • Ensure Anti-Virus software is installed and running
    • Set up and review network monitoring Metrics to allow us to respond to an issue, in some cases, before symptoms appear; such as free disk space, or other resource bottlenecks
    • Daily walk through and inspection to verify no alert lights or other visual signs of problems exist; remedy as needed.
    • Renew SSL Certificates/Domains
    • Make DNS changes
    • Install Server Patches/Hotfixes as needed
  • Maintain Monitoring and Alerting System that monitors all Data Center hardware/systems/networks and provides alerts via email/ texting or phone, alerting all relevant parties.
  • Routinely checks both service and pre-sales boards to ensure tickets assigned to Data Center Team to ensure accuracy, follow-through and completion
  • Disaster Recovery (DR)
    • Perform, maintain and monitor disaster recovery operations and data backups.
    • Assist in setup of new Disaster Recovery clients, including their DR network implementations, as well as monitoring and maintaining those networks once in place.
    • Monitor data transfers from main sites to DR location to ensure DR is operational.
    • Assist with DR Procedure and operational tests where required.
  • Provide Pre-Sales Support
    • Provide Pre-Sales support as needed to properly spec out a project, determine best technology, and estimate hours required.
  • Assist in setting up new Clients in the Data Centers
    • Assist in setting up MPLS circuits, other point-to-point connections
    • Servers and Systems as required for new clients hosted out of the Data Centers
    • Assist with upgrades as needed.
  • Assist with Client Service requests
    • Maintenance of email accounts (add, remove or edit), email filtering, routing, firewalls, troubleshoot performance or connectivity issues.
    • Maintenance of hosted accounts (Citrix & AD) including additions, removals and edits to those accounts.
  • Participate in the “After Hours On-Call System”
    • Most calls will go to the CIC first for screening, but some of these calls will be passed on to the Data Center Team as needed. Typical examples are lack of connectivity, slow performance, server alert messages.
  • Works off-shift, nights, holidays and weekends as needed to support problem resolution or infrastructure upgrades
  • Maintain and provide monthly records for usage reports (currently includes Microsoft SPLA, Citrix, and Zimbra at a minimum).
  • Evaluate new technologies, ways to improve existing Data Center resources and perform testing of new technologies
  • Assist in yearly budget/equipment needs projections. Research products, technologies and services that can improve, or expand the Data Center’s offerings
  • Obtain and sustain necessary certifications for M.A. Polce to maintain partnership status with vendors.
  • Demonstrates the ability to work efficiently and effectively without supervision.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • BS in Information Systems Management, Computer Science or other Information Technology discipline or equivalent in experience
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in systems, networks and facilities management
  • Minimum of 2 years’ Experience with Linux/Unix operating systems
  • Strong Knowledge of Firewalls/IDS as well as Switching and Routing.
  • Experience with Data Center Operations Management
  • Experience with Windows Server operating systems
  • Must be comfortable with storage management, performance monitoring, package management, log interpretation, and troubleshooting.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including the ability to interact effectively with customers, support staff, sales people, vendors and peers.
  • Excellent organizational skills with ability to team with others to develop and deploy projects and solutions.
  • Ability to obtain and maintain security clearances for our clients (if needed)
  • Hold a valid drivers’ license and be able to commute to MAPCI locations

Special Position Preferences:

  • Experience developing and troubleshooting scripts, necessary for routine task automation
  • Experience in Libre/NMS
  • Experience with systems virtualization technologies (VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, etc.)
  • Experience with desktop virtualization technologies (Citrix/XenDesktop)
  • Experience in Antivirus/Antispam, Backup and Security solutions
  • Experience with Cisco VoIP solutions

Please note: This position is located in Rome, NY. A valid drivers license and the ability to pass a background check are also requirements for this position.